Achieving Success – Simply – Follow the Steps!

Okay . . . Let me see a show of hands!

How many of you are involved in one or more online marketing projects or programs?

199-musicOkay . . . Now . . . let me see a show of hands!  How many of you really got going on a successful track after joining those programs?

How many of got frustrated at the first sign of failure or obstacle?

How many of you followed the steps provided by your coach or mentor?

Hey . . . Where did all the hands go?

Perhaps one of the reasons that there is this ninety-plus percent failure rate in online business success or home based business might just be the reluctance of or impatience of users to actually follow the directions for setting up their selected business programs.  So many of us are caught into the hype of “overnight success” and instant or near-immediate revenue generation that we forget that we actually have to learn to do something and build a framework from which we will be able to pull in that revenue.

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Making Life Changes . . . The Good, The Bad & The Unfavorable . . .

Editor’s note:  The following blog is a re-post from my personal site – Ibrahim Siddiq.  Please feel free to visit and browse . . . Thanks . . . Ibrahim

There is a common notion with describing events and developments in our lives, but coining the popular film title, “The Good, the Bad and the Ugly.” However, when talking about life matters, in reality there are no “ugly” moments, but more so “unfavorable” moments that although we are faced with them, and they are quite distasteful and stressful most of the time, are not necessarily unsolvable or impossible to overcome.

Life Changes

All of us have to go through some sort of change during our lives. Some changes are voluntary, and some – if we don’t take care of health, stress and wealth – become compulsory . . . and quite painful. However, humans are endowed by our Creator with the capacity to face life challenges, recognize the challenges for what they are, and then address the challenges to resolve them and prevent – hopefully – their return.

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Site Clean Up

Hello to all my site visitors, (whom I hope are quite an increasing number at least).

I am in the process of cleaning up my website.  It is very important to be as organized as one can when presenting different types of information. In this crazy ever-expanding online marketing world, it is even more important as you can always find something better, glitzier, more video-er, etc. I am not going to try to wow any over with glitz and fare . . . That doesn’t necessarily mean that I am not striving to achieve the greatest amount of success that is decreed for me.  I just choose to do it with a bit more reality to myself. If you like that, then come along with me for the ride.  I promise to share as much as I can that has been useful, or at least keeps my interest. I also will share my glories (not too many yet) and my pains in online marketing.  Lessons learned may lead to enhanced future success for all. . . .



Time for Site Cleaning

Maintaining a website can be a time-consuming and learning intensive endeavor.

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Time for a Change . . . .

Hello everyone . . .

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Hello and Welcome to my Site! !


Hello and welcome to my site.

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8 Reasons Why Working Professionals Avoid Internet Marketing

As a rule, most working professionals bring to bear skill sets that help them achieve their objectives in their offices, workplaces and industry.  These skill sets include, to name a few, a strong work ethic, the ability to focus on task from start to finish, a sense of mutual cooperation through teamwork processes.

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