Time for a Change . . . .

Hello everyone . . .

Ibrahim Siddiq - Small Successes Online To whomever has visited my website or read any of my blog posts, I wish to thank you.  I am grateful for your taking time to visit and browse.  Anyone involved in online marketing or internet entrepreneurship knows that tremendous effort is needed to strive to achieve success in the online marketing industry.  Those of us involved in home based business know all too well the promises of wealth and solution of all our life and financial problems that will result from signing to any one of the thousands of programs that we find in the Internet today.

I am no different. So I will not bother you or insult your integrity by claiming that I have achieved absolute success when I haven’t or am an expert in something that I am not.  I have had a number of experiences with different marketing models on the Internet. And for the most part, I have learned quite a bit.  I have also spent hundreds, if not thousands of dollars trying to determine what the “right fit” is for me and how to promote that fit to the point where I am generating some kind of income.

I have actually had some miniscule success; I’ve managed to sell some products online, and this generates a wonderful feeling of accomplishment.  But the “residual income,” the “wealth-while-I-sleep” has so far eluded me. But that is experience, and I am happy to have that.

I have finally found a couple of areas that I plan to concentrate on in the coming months.  I do not expect to be driving a Ferrari any time soon, and I definitely don’t plan to rent one just to take a photograph to post on my site.  What I do plan to do in the coming weeks and months is this:

  1. Begin to chronicle some of my experiences – both negative and positive – in hopes that someone else might benefit from them.

  2. Summarize some of the habits and advice I’ve received that makes sense . . . with emphasis on making sense.

  3. Present programs that I feel have real value in either helping average people learn how to use the internet, promote products or services that offer real value, and provide useful resources or opportunities.

I expect to restructure my site in the coming weeks.  Since I do also have a “day job” that I am not planning to quit any time soon, you should know that this will be a work in progress. But if you visit from time to time, I hope you will find something that interests you to return or something you would like to know more about.  I will delete some of the programs and links that are present now, and I will keep some.  I will present other new links and try to keep them updated as much as I can.  And most of all, I will welcome your constructive feedback and suggestions on my blog posts wherever appropriate.

So . . . that’s it . . .

Thanks again for visiting . . . come again soon . . . and keep in touch.



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