Blog-Snippet . . . How Nice It is To Be Nice

Be Nice . . .

A simple phrase that unfortunately we don’t seem to hear much these days . . . anywhere.  The simple act of behaving in a way that other people see or perceive where there is no sense of fear, dread, suspicion, paranoia or doubt about your actions, intentions or next steps.

A friend of mine used to be a radio announcer during the seventies, when FM radio was just getting its communication feet wet.  He used to always sign off by saying, “It’s always nice to be nice.”  That gentleman is still one of my best friends, and actually he is in the top five, and I’m talking about a friendship spanning more than 40 years now.

It is unfortunate that we don’t carry along through our lives “snippets” of wisdom that have always been around for generations. Small phrases reflecting thought that we as humans have a mandate to . . . well . . . be human in our humanity, rather than let our humanity descend and digress into something that would consequently be less than the behavior of “animals.”

But it starts just by being nice . . . We don’t have to do anything; or give anything; or go anywhere. Just be nice, even if it means when you pass by a stranger, if you don’t know him, at least present pleasantness.  Just . . . . be nice.

Thanks . . . .


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