Swimming and Working an Online Business . . . Can’t be Afraid to Jump in the Water!

Now what does swimming have to do with an online business?


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The online business landscape is much like an ocean . . . sometimes calm and mostly stormy.  Many of us are not really sharks or whales in this ocean of online business and marketing.  Most of us are guppies or at best minnows just barely swimming in a huge current of SEOs, leads, emails, spams, safelists, and a world of other cyber entities that consume our energy, time, attention and learning skills.  We try our best to learn all the secrets, techniques, special strategies to help improve our online presence only to see a marked deficiency in our time, and in many cases our monthly income, which though there is an increase output, the input is about the same or even less.

But this is not really about the ocean, though there is a relationship with online business . . . in a sense.  It’s really about swimming, consistency and not giving up, I guess . . . So, I’ll explain.

I first learned to swim when I was about nine years old, and like many youth in my generation, during summer camp.  The pool we used was not a city pool; that came much later.  But our camp had rented a private pool from a resident, who just happened to live kind of close to our camp ground . . . Well at least it wasn’t as far as the city, so we didn’t have to walk to the pool.

Anyway, as far a pools go, that pool would be considered a dwarf.  To give a more accurate description, if you were six feet tall and dived into that pool, you would have hit the other end probably right after your feet hit the water.  And that wasn’t the half of it.

Our pool had a short step up at one end, and we all lined up to take our turns with kicking and some semblance of stroking . . . This was Swimming 101 at its most basic . . . no whistles, buoys, fancy lines in the bottom of the pool, racing lanes . . . . none of that nonsense . . . just get wet, kick, stroke, hold your breath and don’t be afraid . . . .

And then there were the bees . . . .


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Right at that step was a small hand pump . . . and the hand pump had a bee hive . . . So we had to stand in line to wait our turn in the water, and at the same time, not disturb the bees.  And you know bees. They don’t just stand still; they fly around, especially around that hive.  And the amazing thing is that nobody ever got stung by any of those bees. It was as if they knew we were there to swim and as long as we just went swimming, they would just buzz around and not sting anyone.

And then there was the water temperature . . . . Now I will get to the swimming and online business part in a minute . . . . or a few lines . . .

How do you describe “ice-cold?”

This water was cold that you shivered and rattled your teeth either in the water or outside.  Ice-cold does not come close to describe the temperature of this pool.  I can only think of those areas in northern Europe or other cold areas where people swim habitually in ice covered water . . . . I mean . . . . C-O-L-D.

And that’s how I learned to swim.

So what does all this have to do with doing an online business?

Perhaps absolutely nothing, and then again . . . almost everything!

Like I said, I learned to swim when I was about nine years old . . . now I’m over 60 and still swimming! But when I was just learning to kick and move my arms with some sense of physical coordination, I never at that time learned to float.  That came much later.







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