Swimming and Working an Online Business . . . Part 2

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Image courtesy of twobee / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Image courtesy of twobee / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

So . . . you all now know my experience in learning how to swim . . . the pool . . . the ice cold water . . . and the bees!

And what exactly does swimming have to do with doing an online business?

Well . . . let’s look at the whole swimming mindset  . . . and the online business mindset. And keep in mind, this is from my personal experience . . . in both swimming and doing business online.

As you’ve probably concluded, I’ve pretty much known how to swim since I was about nine years old . . . Now I’m on the declining side of 60, and still swimming, probably better now than I ever have.  But that’s another story. Suffice it to say that swimming might be one of the best exercises – besides walking – for senior fitness . . . of course if you know how to swim.  Even water exercises and water aerobics are wonderful options.

Anyway, since I’ve been swimming, I always thought it was a good thing to do, and I would marvel at those people who just glide through the water as if they were born in it, much like we see people glide though online marketing as if they had created the internet business landscape with their own minds.  While I’ve always liked swimming – and still love being near bodies of water as long as there is not storm system to worry about – I found it a chore; I couldn’t just get that water glide quite right, and after a few laps – or maybe just one, I’d be close to exhaustion.

Setting the Path to Change

Then, I did something.  I changed my way of thinking about swimming, and changed my approach.  And in doing business online, we also have to change our way of thinking about doing business and the power of the Internet.  I began to realize why I was so tired . . . I swam with tension instead of relaxation.  Mind you, I don’t swim competitively, although I did try a very, very brief stint (I meant B-R-I-E-F) on the swim team when I was an undergraduate.

But I realized that swimming, like many exercise regimens, is an excellent de-stresser.  Unfortunately, I carried my stress into my swim routine.  I tensed my shoulders, lost control of my breathing and rhythm, kicked like I was drowning, and stroked like I was in a life-and-death battle with the water.  In online business building as well, we often try to do a million things all conflicting with each other, rather than focus on a few good fundamentals to build on.

So I had to learn to relax while swimming . . . my shoulders especially. I would tense up so much doing a breast stroke that I would have shoulder and neck pains the next day.  So, relaxing myself was the first step.  As in online business, taking a relaxed approach to online marketing helps to get a clearer focus. Then I worked on my kick, making it more controlled and in rhythm with my strokes.  And, finally, I worked on my breathing, but not just breathing, but learning to relax my neck and use my upper body to turn my head out of the water to breath. In turn in online business building, we have to learn to use a number of resources in a coordinated and focused manner to achieve consistency in our marketing and then move to successful results.  I am still working on that process.

My final success in my swimming journey came only a few months ago . . . . I have grasped the practice of floating in a pool, well at least the pool I use now.  Again by relaxing and learning to use my body well, I not only can float for several minutes, but I can also appreciate the “silence of the water,” which provides even more relaxation and stress relief.

So, how does all this relate to doing business online? For one, I learned to relax and focus. Secondly, I kept trying until I got it right, using my current level as a foundation on which to build and progress.  In an online business, we have to let go of our apprehensions, and learn to use our current resources to build a solid foundation that we can then use to progress toward success.

Good luck to you all ! ! !



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