Achieving Success – Simply – Follow the Steps!

Okay . . . Let me see a show of hands!

How many of you are involved in one or more online marketing projects or programs?

199-musicOkay . . . Now . . . let me see a show of hands!  How many of you really got going on a successful track after joining those programs?

How many of got frustrated at the first sign of failure or obstacle?

How many of you followed the steps provided by your coach or mentor?

Hey . . . Where did all the hands go?

Perhaps one of the reasons that there is this ninety-plus percent failure rate in online business success or home based business might just be the reluctance of or impatience of users to actually follow the directions for setting up their selected business programs.  So many of us are caught into the hype of “overnight success” and instant or near-immediate revenue generation that we forget that we actually have to learn to do something and build a framework from which we will be able to pull in that revenue.

 Most, if not all prominent online marketing programs have some sort of tutorial mechanism built into the membership and the back office once an individual joins.  However, online learning, whether it is for business building or academic development, requires a significant amount of self-direction and self-discipline.  And while our tutors, online instructors, or mentors will provide us the guidance and support to move forward in our endeavor, much of the progress and speed of success will depend primarily on our own self-motivation and discipline.

In other cases, some of us might just be too smart for our own good, like my mother used to say, “too big for your britches!”  In many environments, success is reflected in academic accomplishment, certification, professional standards and other corporate-oriented standards of measurement.  These are all tried and tested standards and reflect a commitment to quality service and efficient production in most cases.  However in the online marketing universe, the standards for success are measured in a more simple and straight forward manner . . . simply following a set of steps that gradually help the user move from a point of beginner to a point of more experienced user to a point of confidence, etc., etc., etc.

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Many of us are new to a systematic process to set up online marketing.  I know I step-by-step-to-success-913-1582am, and I have spent a lot of money – and learned some things – but not really grasped the basics . . . What is really important is to follow the steps in any system. It really doesn’t matter that we are well-educated or well-read, which may be helpful in having a wide view of our humanity and place in the universe.  But actually online marketing is really a rather clear and simple process, although one that can quickly compel many of us to move out of our comfort zones.

We can find so many different models for online marketing, and for learning online marketing.  A really good system will generally provide free or very low-cost membership with a large variety of options and learning tools.  Also, with the strong presence of social marketing, having a Skype account will really help in terms of communication and more importantly reducing telephone costs.  Good online marketing programs will have one or more Skype groups set up.  Membership in the Skype group of your particular program will be an invaluable resource for a number of reasons:

  • Access to the leaders in the program
  • Access to the program developer and owner
  • Access to a wide community of users like your self who started from some beginning point and moved through the process
  • Support to the nth degree from leaders and beginners and everyone in between
  • Focused discussion . . you won’t get bombarded by everyone posting his/her personal programs . . . the discussion is very limited to the specific group; anyone who violates this rule will be warned and then simply kicked out of the group.

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So what is the magic formula for success?

Simply follow the steps of your program . . . and in general from the leaders.  Also a good program will provide simple, easy-to-understand steps with plenty of examples to listen to, watch and copy.

And so you ask . . . “What should I look for?”  A very good question!!!!

  1. Easy to join . . . probably free in the beginning and even very affordable ways to upgrade with more benefits . . . and we’re not talking thousands of dollars here!
  2. A Skype community with supportive members from whom you can ask questions and get advice to help you learn new skills.
  3. Training resources that actually help you progress from whatever your beginning place is to learn not only the process of your program, but also skills that can help you in online marketing in general
    1.  This point is really important because by following the simple steps, you will actually see your own progress.
    2. The problem is sticking to the steps and subduing our egos, pride and sense of know-it-all-ness.
  4. Multiple ways to earn revenue . . . If you don’t have your own business to promote, then there will ways to earn commissions through your program.
  5. Guidelines to marketing resources to help promote your program.

But most importantly, we must understand one very true and real point:  No program will put money in our pocket. We will have to put forth some effort to learn processes – mostly very simple and straight forward – and apply simple steps. And the key word here is S-I-M-P-L-E!

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