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of Wallace D. Wattles’ book, The Science of Getting Rich!

I recently started to re-read my copy of Wallace D. Wattles’ book, The Science of Getting Rich.  


I have been working with this online marketing thing for so long with only residual results, that I decided to start with my foundation, and that, according to Mr. Wattles, would to change the foundation of my thinking.  So I’ve focused on just that, to re-orient my thinking toward success and getting rich, not to continue to focus on my woes and problems.

I will keep you updated about my progress, from real terms, not just the fluff.  Suffice it to say right now that changing our thinking and thinking habits might just be the most difficult thing any of us could do in our lives, but if successful in this, the potential for other success in circumstances will be phenomenal!

You can order the book in PDF format, or in a 2-CD Audiobook.  I found the audiobook even more beneficial as I downloaded it to my smartphone to listen.

If you also want a copy of The Science of Getting Rich, for FREE, then just Click on the following link.

Click here for your copy of Wallace D. Wattles’ book, The Science of Getting Rich!

Time for Site Cleaning

Maintaining a website can be a time-consuming and learning intensive endeavor.

And if we are not very adapt at the whole process of web concept development and web design, the process will also become quite labor-intensive and, Ibrahimconsequently very frustrating . . . almost to the point of just giving up and looking for a part-time job and somewhere else.  It’s a bit refreshing that we have these portals like WordPress and other software to help with the back-end development.  If not, I would dare say most if not many of us would just not even consider working a website simply because of lack of HTML programming know-how, or media manipulation, or any one of many other technical skills, not even to mention the need to have something to say or write, or any sense of how to promote our “thing.” Continue reading

Time for a Change . . . .

Hello everyone . . .

Ibrahim Siddiq - Small Successes Online To whomever has visited my website or read any of my blog posts, I wish to thank you.  I am grateful for your taking time to visit and browse.  Anyone involved in online marketing or internet entrepreneurship knows that tremendous effort is needed to strive to achieve success in the online marketing industry.  Those of us involved in home based business know all too well the promises of wealth and solution of all our life and financial problems that will result from signing to any one of the thousands of programs that we find in the Internet today. Continue reading